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12 Mar


Martini evolution to "appletini"…ridiculous.


Once upon a time in a world far far away, some smart dude created a beverage called "the martini." It was made with high-quality gin, a hint of dry vermouth, and a green olive.


Years later, as tastes evolved, the classic martini included an option, a simple option: vodka instead of gin…a vodka martini.


Somewhere along the line, the same ingredients (gin or vodka with dry vermouth) accepted the inclusion of a pickled mushroom or a pickled onion instead of the olive, so the drink was called a "Gibson".


Fast forward to the creatively-lazy days of the '90s, bartenders started plying their young, naive, hedonistic customers with a multitude of other flavors. But they always stole from the original name, calling them "'tinis"…"appletinis," "chocolatetinis," "zucchinitinis," etc.


Disgusting! Why couldn't those lazyasses come up with something truly clever in the nameathon?


C'mon, show some respect for the classic — still great — cocktail called MARTINI…no apples, no grapes, no chocolate, no zucchini, no walnuts…just gin or vodka with dry vermouth. It's not for children or teenagers; it's a classic cocktail for mature adults.


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