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The word "just" has several meanings, but it has become a cancer among cooking-show presenters. For them, it seems that it's a way to convince their viewers that something is so simple and easy to do.


Try watching episodes of cooking shows like "Alex's Day Off," "Barefoot Contessa," and "Mad Hungry". Count the number of times each of the hosts tells you to "just…". It's annoying. You can't count that high. It's as if they don't have many more words in their vocabulary. Sure, "just" jump over the moon; it's a piece of cake.


But for others, it refers to something that recently happened…just married, just opened, just started, etc. Does "just married" mean that it was easy, so everybody should do it?


It also refers to justice…a just decision, for instance. Or for a policeman questioning a suspect or "person of interest" in the old "Dragnet" television series…just tell me the facts.


"Just" is also a key element in the Nike advertising campaign "Just Do It," probably encouraging people to go ahead and extend themselves…it's worth the effort, it's easy, no big deal.


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