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RPW Finale


This is it…farewell.


I started this blog because I believe strongly in the importance of maintaining the accuracy and integrity of our English language…grammar, pronunciation, punctuation, and other matters that help us communicate clearly.


Unfortunately, the Google Analytics results that I see indicate that the audience for this subject hasn't grown as much as I had hoped.  RPW has had thousands of visits — and many regular visitors. We were also graced with an award by CBS…Editor's Choice as "Most Valuable Blogger, Minnesota".  But perhaps most people don't care about our language as much as I do. Or maybe I haven't made the blog sufficiently exciting or interesting.


Thanks to my many regular fans; your support has been flattering. If you have any ideas how we can clean up the bad English language we hear every day, please give me a holler. I'm always willing to come out of retirement, a la Bret Favre. Otherwise, I feel like I'm shouting into the windy gusts of a hurricane.


The RPW blog's life has been short; but it has also been lots of fun.  Godspeed.

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