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Booster Shots


They come from television advertising!


Most of us dislike TV advertising…rightfully so. Most of it is crap. But we applaud the good stuff. It's so rare and enjoyable that we even pay to attend showings of the best creative around the world.


Whether the creative is good or bad, there are so many commercials that use bad English — because the producers think that they should sound the way most people talk. Even if most people butcher our language. That's an ignorant point of view. We shouldn't be giving support to something that's wrong by making it seem fashionable or cool or like they're just one of the guys…hence, boosting its usage.


Of course, the lyrics of country music aren't much help either.


C'mon, you advertisers — and singers — have a responsibility…a responsibility to lead by good example; not reflect the worst in us. Achievement in any endeavor is best pursued by raising the bar…aiming for the high ground. Anything less is lazy and shameful.

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