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A blue ribbon for our effort!


The "Editor's Choice" award from CBS


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RPW Finale


This is it…farewell.


I started this blog because I believe strongly in the importance of maintaining the accuracy and integrity of our English language…grammar, pronunciation, punctuation, and other matters that help us communicate clearly.


Unfortunately, the Google Analytics results that I see indicate that the audience for this subject hasn't grown as much as I had hoped.  RPW has had thousands of visits — and many regular visitors. We were also graced with an award by CBS…Editor's Choice as "Most Valuable Blogger, Minnesota".  But perhaps most people don't care about our language as much as I do. Or maybe I haven't made the blog sufficiently exciting or interesting.


Thanks to my many regular fans; your support has been flattering. If you have any ideas how we can clean up the bad English language we hear every day, please give me a holler. I'm always willing to come out of retirement, a la Bret Favre. Otherwise, I feel like I'm shouting into the windy gusts of a hurricane.


The RPW blog's life has been short; but it has also been lots of fun.  Godspeed.

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Four words we can live without!


They're overused, but we don't need them.






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Tactics4Success: short version


Skills: you must be able to speak, write, walk, and sit…all with articulation and confidence, with style. The impressions you make are critical. Personal wardrobe is secondary.


Content: your ideas, the way you think, and what you think about things provide critical insight into your character and your abilities. 


Personality: consider taking advantage of unique or edgy personal characteristics and interests that might be controversial. They attract attention and media exposure.


Publish: distribute your ideas…concepts, editorials, commentary…so they can be re-distributed and quoted. This provides further insight into your thinking and enthusiasm.

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It's not even a word!


It's a lazy, dumb-sounding mispronunciation of the real word…HUNDRED.


"Hunnert" has been fairly common talk among children; but what sort of adult talks like this?!  Even worse…using the term for the name of an auto festival and exhibition is even more ignorant and irresponsible.

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Real words and their trash versions


We hear this every day!


Regular, everyday words are trashed all the time…mispronouncing them to satisfy our laziness.


probably — "probly"

family — "faamlee"

different — "diffrent"

thinking — "thinkin"

supposed to — "spos'd to"

doing — "doin"

sophomore — "soffmor"

national — "nashnle"

jewelry — "jewlery" and "jewlry"

seasonal — "seeznle"

familiar — "fermillyer"

nuclear — "nuculer"

the — "da" and "duh"


I can't count the violations…the list is endless!

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Joy to the World



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Note to Chris Matthews


"Hardball" host


I'm a big fan of yours; but your comment today about "less wars" is off the charts.


Wars aren't quantities like water, oil, and gas. You should have said "FEWER wars".

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“this here” vs. “that there”


Location is obvious.


We have here one of the dumbest redundancies in the English language when you hear people say such things.


"This" is ALWAYS "here", and "that" is ALWAYS "there".  The words "this" and "that" are locational references.


Nobody ever says, "this there" or "that here". So what's with the dumb-sounding redundancies?


Once again, this always makes the speaker sound stupid.

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Cooking Verbs & Redundancies


The ridiculous language of TV foodie people


How, when, why, and by whose authority did these food-prep terms become acceptable and commonplace…?


– chop UP

– cut UP

– mince UP

– slice UP

– saute UP

– bake OFF

– reduce DOWN

– cool OFF

– heat UP

– stir UP


What in the world do "up," "off," and "down" contribute to the action? They're simply directional words; not verbs. Why not "sideways"?


…and these words become necessary? The alternative seems to be obvious!


– blend TOGETHER [blend apart?]

– separate APART [separate together?]

– rise UP [rise down?]

– combine TOGETHER [combine apart?]

– reduce DOWN [reduce up?]

– bind TOGETHER [bind apart?]


Beyond that…how can anybody dare to call their work (food or otherwise) "the ultimate"?


The notion of browning beef (steak, roast, or otherwise)  to "sear in the juices" has already been debunked by people who really KNOW. It doesn't sear in anything.


We're obviously living in an age of unmitigated bullshit and verbal ignorance. How can poisonous and/or inept people become admired celebrities vis a vis Food Network "stars"? Their words become our cancer…creeping into our own vocabulary and daily chatter.

Blather poses a danger to our language health.




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