The Intrigue of Personal Names

30 Nov


What's behind the choice?


I find it fascinating to think about why so many people have so many unusual, seemingly out-of-synch names. It's equally fascinating to discover the reasons/history behind the call letters of radio and TV stations.


Similarly, it's fun to imagine why a mother chooses to spell her son's name "Jon" or "Jahn" rather than "John"; or another mother…"Jakub" rather than "Jacob"; as well as another mother who chose just one "n" rather than two for "Denis" or "Dennis". 


Sean Jensen — an Asian football reporter for a St. Paul newspaper; the ultimate fusion name; Irish first name, Scandinavian surname.


Shonn Greene — black NFL football recruit whose mother probably wasn't aware of the original Irish spelling "Sean"; she just liked the way it sounded.


Rashad Johnson — NFL football recruit whose mother might have idolized former player and sportscaster Ahmad Rashad, who changed his own birth name of Bobby Moore.


Vontae Davis — NFL football recruit. I can't even speculate about why. But a Google search for "Vontae" will show this guy as the #1 result.


Ramses Barden — NFL football recruit whose mother might have wanted to reflect ancient Egyptian royalty.


Travis or Jason or Jared or Josh — the first name for any male whose mother probably watched too many soap operas…at a time when William (Bill), Charles (Chuck), Thomas (Tom), David (Dave), James (Jim), Michael (Mike), etc. were commonplace.


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