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Lazy mouths!


How have we managed to corrupt good English pronunciation of common words into goofy words or contractions that we can't even spell? 


Let's start paying attention to our great language…articulate and pronounce so many of the words, letters, and syllables that are often neglected. It should be embarrassing to anyone who slurs our words, as if they are drunk. Most amazing is the fact that some of our most prominent violators are television news and sports personalities who should have a higher professional standard of performance.


— "different" — a 3-syllable word that is sloppily spoken, leaving out the middle syllable.


— "family" — also a 3-syllable word that has become a whiney, shrill sound reduced to only 2 syllables…"FAAM-lee".


— "supposed to [do something]" — spos'd to (?)  spost to (?) spos't to (?) sposed to (?)  How can we spell that…even write that?  Where is there a dictionary or guide book to help us with our own verbal laziness?


— the "g" factor — anyone refusing to sound the "g" at the end of words…running (runnin), throwing (throwin), thinking (thinkin), passing (passin), coming up (cummin up), etc. Is this some sort of early childhood fear of sounding smart in class, especially among boys? This verbal cancer has even infected women — but why? Do they just want to seem like "one of the boys"?

And when a TEACHER doesn't even know how to spell her subject (elocution) properly, we're in deep doodoo!  I'd say "puddy tat," too.

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