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Where are the names?


Their absence is rampant among TV sports commentators.


I can understand how our marginally-educated TV sports commentators can bungle the legal brand names of the teams they report, referring to players like Derek Jeter as a "Yankee" or Joe Mauer as a "Twin". They aren't, of course; because "Yankees" and "Twins" are BRAND NAMES, not plurals for individual players.


But I'm stumped about why they talk about teams in the singular when describing on-field action. Why do they say, "The Packer defense…" or "the Charger offense…"?  Correctly…it's "the Packers defense" and "the Chargers offense".  So why don't they call quarterback Phil Rivers "River"?


Have they lost their grip? They're talking about professional teams (businesses) with brand names…Packers and Chargers!


Maybe I expect too much from people who are paid too much.

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Strategy vs. Tactics


The weekly NFL bluster!


Every week we hear the coaches and TV sports commentators blabber about what each team has to do to win…run the ball, pass the ball, defense, eliminate turnovers…bla bla bla.


What the teams must do is a matter of STRATEGY. But rarely do we hear how to do it; and that's a matter of TACTICS.


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