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Breeders’ Cup 2011


Delightful Names


Many of the names in horse racing are so much fun…to consider and wonder why. Much more fun than trying to understand why some women name their children based on characters in TV soap operas. Here are a few young horses for your amusement and creative appreciation:


Somali Lemonade

Pure Gossip

Elusive Kate


Sweet Cat

Ann of the Dance



Secret Circle

Holdin Bullets


Turbulent Descent

Self Preservation

Distorted Legacy

It's Tricky

Super Espresso


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The real and the gesture.


I think we all know what "celebrate" means…big emotions, often with champagne and groups of friends. Many times with cake and candles, probably. Sometimes even with a military flyover and blaring trumpets.


But it seems that there's another type of "celebration"…a sports figure clenching or pumping a fist after winning a point or catching a ball — or doing a jumping bodyslam. At least, that's the cutline on a photo of one or two individuals after a momentary success.


Is that really a celebration — or just emotional punctuation? It's possible that the cutline writers simply don't know what they're talking about, or they don't know what else to say about the photo…a loss for words. Or they have never experienced a real celebration.


Is acknowledgement or quiet observation a celebration? Maybe champagne, cake, and fireworks are required for true celebrations. 


Bring on the clowns!

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