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Breakfast Pancakes


Your first pronunciation challenge of the day.


There they are, just as you like them…light and fluffy or thin like crepes (Scandinavian style).


You then dot those breakfast beauties with some butter, maybe a raspberry or two…and immediately pour over a generous amount of warm syrup.


Here's the challenge:  That syrup is often pronounced two ways…"seerup" or "surrup".  Why would you want to pronounce it "surrup" when the word contains the letter "y"?  One of Martha Stewart's cooking editors doesn't seem to notice the difference; she pronounces "syrup" both ways depending upon the flavor.  Ridiculous.


Syrup is "seerup".  Enjoy it on your pancakes, especially maple syrup with country sausage and/or bacon.

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Questions & Answers


The true meaning behind the answer.


Have you noticed how often people say to someone who asked a question, "That's a good question"? Well…fairly often not true.


Of course, many questions are good questions, but the response usually means that the responder doesn't know…doesn't have a good answer — or any answer at all…totally stumped. 


"Good question" often has nothing to do with the quality of the question. It seems to be more about the ability to craft an answer.

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