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Why? Why? Why?


Why do you talk this way?


In tonight's game #6 with the Detroit Tigers vs. Texas Rangers, why did Joe Buck (bobblehead with a big voice) say that there was a new "Ranger lead" after a single to center field?


The name of the baseball team is RANGERS — not Ranger!  It was not a Ranger lead; it was a RANGERS lead.


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waiting waiting waiting


This is a repeat of an earlier post:


I must remind the language dummies about the difference between "waiting for" and "waiting on". Their meanings aren't even close, but language dummies continue to use "waiting on" whenever they think about waiting.


"waiting for" is a function of time…waiting for something to happen, someone to arrive (perhaps Godot), or something to be completed, like finish cooking or finish washing or finish writing, etc.


"waiting on" refers to service…something that people do for other people…waiters in restaurants and airline cabin attendants "wait on" their customers.


Examples: (1) A baseball hitter is not "waiting ON" a pitch; he is "waiting FOR" the pitch.

                    (2) Television watchers do not "wait ON" the news; they "wait FOR" the news.


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Language Arrogance


Probably most common among sports commentators.


But it's also common among political blowhards. This seems to reflect a self-centered belief that the person speaking knows more than the person listening, and insists on his personal point of view.




Let me tell ya'…

I've gotta' tell ya'…

This is the way it is…

You're wrong…


Such language arrogance is rarely persuasive; it merely reflects the unbridled ego of the person speaking, implying that all other opinions are worthless. It's a lame attempt to close the door on an issue.


Anytime someone says "Look…" to me, they're history.

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