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A popular family restaurant chain.


Here's a clear & simple case of a business that doesn't suffer from the "s" curse. The Perkins restaurants are loved for their breakfasts and their pies. So they have been able to expand the brand into multiple markets; but nowhere does anybody refer to one of the restaurants as a "Perkin". That's because the brand name is "Perkins".


Why do so many people deviate from this simple principle when talking about sports teams with a brand name that ends with "s"…referring to individual players in the singular? A player for a sports team called "Perkins" should not be called "a Perkin".


The same principle applies to Yankees, 49ers, Giants, Wolverines, Patriots…all of them.

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Atlanta Dream vs. Minnesota Lynx


Both teams smartly avoided the "s" curse.


The Atlanta Dream lost to the Minnesota Lynx in last week's WNBA Championship. But they have one thing in common…smart brand names for a sports team. Both of these teams have avoided the "s" curse…wherein reference (spoken and written) to individual players violates the team's brand name integrity. When that happens, members of a team called "Warriors" are always referred to as "a Warrior."


But the Atlanta Dream players can retain the integrity of their team's brand — and probably be called "Dreamers". No violation. And the Lynx players can't possibly be called "Lyn" or "Lynk" because the "x" in Lynx is not a stand-in for an "s"…lynx is a breed of wild cat.


In fact, most of the WNBA teams have avoided the "s" curse…exceptions being the L.A. Sparks, the Washington Mystics, and the San Antonio Silver Stars…curses!

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