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The word is "the"!


How difficult is it to pronounce a basic English word properly? This is probably the most offensive and frequently-raped word in our language. And it's only an article…not a verb or a noun.

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The BALL is the BALL


But not in football.


Have you ever noticed that TV commentators for most major sports…basketball, soccer, baseball, volleyball, tennis…always talk about "the ball" — its speed, placement, bounce, spin, etc.


But in collegiate and professional football they insist on saying the complete name (FOOTball), as if nobody knows what sport they're watching. It goes on and on…"catching the football"…"running the football"…"this football game"…"this football player"…. What's behind this obsession with saying "football"? 


We all know it's a football game; unless we're too drunk to be paying attention. So why can't they just call it a BALL, like everybody else? This nonsense is not displayed in any of the other sports. Maybe it's because "foot" is only one syllable; while most of the others are multiple syllables…"basket"…"soccer"…"volley"…"tennis". So how does "base" escape this affectation? Baseball commentators don't drill BASEball into our brains.


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