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Phillies vs. Cardinals


"Issues" and "Problems"


The MLB commentator today declared that certain players had "issues" with their performance. WRONG!


Those players had performance PROBLEMS; the managers had ISSUES with how to overcome the problems.


"Issues" has become a fashionable substitute term for "problems" — but they are not the same.  As I said on a previous post:  “Problems” are problems, and “issues” are issues. A broken arm is a problem; what to do about it is an issue. 

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“layers of flavor”


What nonsense!


"Layers of flavor" seems to be the favorite cliche of television cooking hosts and other foodies on the tube.


They use this ridiculous term to describe what happens to a dish every time a different ingredient is added. Imagine saying that Italian sausage has "layers of flavor." Nonsense…it's ground meat with multiple flavors, resulting in a complex taste sensation. There are no LAYERS.


Something like a multi-layered cake, perhaps, has layers of flavor. Or even a submarine sandwich with mayonnaise, mustard, slices of sausage, cheese, onions, and peppers. But in both cases the layers all come together into one flavor for the cake or sandwich. Our tongues don't discern layers. They detect complex flavor.


So we have to live with another elitist terminology that makes no sense.

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