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Trader Joe’s


Pop Corn


I was in Trader Joe's this morning to pick up their excellent orange juice and Turbinado sugar.


Big bummer…Turbinado sugar has been discontinued, I was told.  Damn…one of my major reasons for shopping there.


But I managed to find some grammar humor in the disappointment. The shelf with bags of popping corn had a sign that said "Poping Corn". The price of the corn couldn't have compensated for the misspelling. 


So I asked one of Trader Joe's delightful store people if she had tasted the "poping corn".  She expressed immediate surprise, but checked the shelf sign to understand what I was talking about.


I explained that I have a blog with my name Grammar Nazi…involving grammar, spelling, and punctuation. She understood completely; and offered her #1 grammar offense…"irregardless".


I think we have a new friend for RedPencilworks.

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More serious than a golf term!


I don't know the source or history of this abortive word, but it has found its way into daily communications… "gimme a call"…"gimme a day or two"…"gimme a chance to get even"…"gimme a break"…


Why can't normal people simply articulate the original English-language meaning…"give me…"?


Perhaps the world's golfers are to blame. In golf, a gimme is a shot that the other players agree can count automatically without actually being played…a short putt, for instance, conceded to an opponent in casual or match play. 


No surprise, I suppose, it has also become the brand name for a coffee company:   

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