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“Doodling…to Doodle”


A cool word with important implications.


"Doodling" is often perceived as wasteful and a reflection of boredom. But Sunni Brown gave a fun presentation at the TED Conference in March 2011, promoting the importance and benefits of doodling:                                          




If you're not familiar with TED, the letters stand for Technology, Entertainment, Design; and the conferences have become a worldwide phenomenon for exchanging innovative ideas.


Perhaps we should all doodle a bit more!

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“Man vs. Food”


Bad Timing, Bad Idea


There's a television series called "Man vs. Food" on the Travel Channel. It features an overweight loudmouth who travels around the country and challenges the eating records of restaurants and bars that promote overeating…oversized and over-portioned anything and everything. 


All amid the cheers from a crowd of assembled patrons.


This strikes me as a very bad idea at a time when sensible, smart food people are trying to combat our nation's massive obesity problem. Biggest is not betterest!

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Hyphenated Adjectives


Beyond Surnames


We're all familiar with hyphenated surnames for married women, something that came into vogue during the "Lib" era. But now we're hearing hyphenated adjectives every day. These are sometimes called "compound adjectives" when used correctly, rather than redundantly.




They're expressions like "tiny-little"…"small-little"…"big-big"…"big-huge"…"hot-hot"…"long-long"…"cold-cold"…. Is "tiny-little" tinier than little or littler than tiny? I have no idea. It doesn't help me understand size any better than just one of the two words alone.


There's an obvious redundancy in all of these. Are we running out of words to express ourselves; or are these silly hyphenated adjectives truly helpful? Eliminating redundancy in government — especially — should be a top priority if we ever want to get onto firm financial ground.

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“Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”


A momentous day today!


This has been the first day of relief and freedom for many American military-service people…elimination of the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" rule.


Unfortunately, the media commentators and advocates are using poor terminology in describing the importance of what it means. They say that nobody has to keep a secret about who they ARE…don't have to lie about who they ARE.


Sexuality is not the defining characteristic of who people ARE. It's merely one aspect of an individual's makeup. Reflecting on one of my earlier posts, headlined "all about"…these American citizens are not "all about" their sexuality. It's not who they ARE. They are very much more!

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Pride vs. Mumbles


A reflection of attitude


Have you noticed how the NFL football players introduce themselves before each game…part of the required theater-of -the-absurd?


Most of them simply say or mumble/mutter  their name and the name of their former school/college. But others proudly articulate their school names as "The University of Michigan"…"Stanford University"…"Boston College"…"UCLA"… "THE University of Iowa"… "Mississippi State University"…


Pride is something so beautiful and inspirational. Accomplishments shouldn't be mumbled.

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“Less Doors”?!


Mercedes Dumbness


Mercedes Benz is running a commercial in "Monday Night Football" that ends with the line…"Less Doors".


Dumbasses…doors aren't quantities; they're individual items. The commercial should have said "FEWER doors."


Who should be fired for language malpractice…the marketing director or the advertising agency?  Perhaps both.

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Much better than the pronunciation!


The pronunciation of this popular food staple is commonly:  "saawich" in a chirpy, clipped, whiney, or juvenile-sounding voice.


Is it asking too much to expect the talker to sound the "nd" in the name…pronounce it like it was created? The food is a "saNDwich"!  The world-famous BURGER (with or without onions or cheese) is a sandwich. And we all love sandwiches, however simple or complex.


Pickles, olives, ketchup, mayo, mustard, lettuce, and relish are extra.

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Mashed Potatoes, Gravy, Apple Pie, Pizza, Chocolate Cake, Mac & Cheese, Spaghetti, Cookies

A momentary aberration.


Please forgive my departure from grammar matters…only temporary; I'm just trying to trick the search engines.

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Loss of the “g”

It's high season for dumbtalk!


NFL football is finally in full swing; so we can hear the champions of dumbtalk…every verb that should end with "ing" is proudly absent the "g".




These are our heroes and the people we listen to for information?!  I hope not. But, unfortunately, they have the freedom to vote…to vote for things that are truly important.



Dropping the "g" is more serious than that!  But the "g" is still something we should treasure.



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Crowds, Teams, and Groups


Here's another "is" or "are" dilemma…


…an example of the rub between "is" and "are" when speaking about a group…a crowd or team.


If you think of the crowd as a unit, you must say "The crowd IS…"  But if you think of the crowd as a gathering of individuals, you might want to say "The crowd ARE…"


The US Open tennis commentator says, "This crowd is on their feet."  "Their feet" or "its feet"?  


You'll learn to adjust yourself to the "are" usage whenever you watch and listen to broadcasts of top-level soccer games with British commentators…"the team ARE…"…"Manchester United ARE…".


It's all a bit strange and unsettling to the sensitive ear.

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