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Emeril LaGasse, Language Butcher


"What we're gonna' do is we're gonna'…"


Successful and famous chef with numerous restaurants, cookbooks, retail hardware products, and several TV cooking shows. Your culinary popularity is almost legendary; your personality is open and friendly.


But you should be embarrassed by your language and speaking patterns.


Your signature phrase is "What we're gonna' do is we're gonna'…" — OR  "What I've got here is I've got…". Why can't you simply say "We're going to stir…or we're going to toss…or we're going to chop…"? Instead you always say "What we're gonna' do is we're gonna'…."


Then there are your mispronunciations of familiar chile peppers like poblano, which you call "pablemo". Plus, "Now we're gonna' begin to start…" and "We're ACTUALLY gonna' brown our chicken thighs…." Really…actually? Wow!  I'm stunned!  How radical!


Your presentations are always well-intentioned; but they're full of blabber.


With all your talent and charisma, why can't you handle our English language a bit better? After all, you're probably some sort of role model for legions of young people. Try working more on your words rather than promoting your empire.

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