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Gordon Elliott is a master stereotyper.


Stereotypes are probably a natural result of watching and listening to people. But they aren't always correct; and can sometimes be harmful.


Gordon Elliott is an Australian "journalist" and television producer. His TV work for the Food Network is built around exploiting stereotypes…Paula Deen (stereotypical Southern lady), the Neelys (stereotypical Southern barbecue restauranteurs), and the new show called "Pioneer Woman" (stereotypical mother of a ranching family). Elliott makes big bucks from his targets; his stereotypes are almost guaranteed to fetch an audience for the Food Network.


Everything he touches promotes a stereotype…correctly or not. Stereotypes of people — and even countries — are bad grammar.


I recently saw a t-shirt that declared "stereotypes are a time-saver."  For sure…when you use them, you have dismissed your ability to think. 

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