Packers vs. Bears

25 Sep


Troy Aikman, former star quarterback who doesn't have a "g".


Troy Aikman was a successful quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys several years ago; but listening to his commentary during NFL games is painful. He doesn't seem to possess the letter "g" or verb-ending "ing" when he speaks. Okay, he inadvertently lets a "g" slip into his chatter; but it's rare. His sidekick, Joe Buck, is quite short, but has a big voice and is a little better; even though he was probably bullied in school.


He's the same guy who said, later in the game, "They could have RAN the ball."


Troy's work on today's game between the Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears at Soldier Field is evidence aplenty…"somethin' is stickin' out on the field." Is that the result of some sort of imagined macho that he grew up with…a shame to speak properly?


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