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“Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”


A momentous day today!


This has been the first day of relief and freedom for many American military-service people…elimination of the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" rule.


Unfortunately, the media commentators and advocates are using poor terminology in describing the importance of what it means. They say that nobody has to keep a secret about who they ARE…don't have to lie about who they ARE.


Sexuality is not the defining characteristic of who people ARE. It's merely one aspect of an individual's makeup. Reflecting on one of my earlier posts, headlined "all about"…these American citizens are not "all about" their sexuality. It's not who they ARE. They are very much more!

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Pride vs. Mumbles


A reflection of attitude


Have you noticed how the NFL football players introduce themselves before each game…part of the required theater-of -the-absurd?


Most of them simply say or mumble/mutter  their name and the name of their former school/college. But others proudly articulate their school names as "The University of Michigan"…"Stanford University"…"Boston College"…"UCLA"… "THE University of Iowa"… "Mississippi State University"…


Pride is something so beautiful and inspirational. Accomplishments shouldn't be mumbled.

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