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July 10th Post Revisited


"me" vs. "I" and  "we" vs. "us"


I posted my note about this "subject and predicate" problem on July 10th, and cited a grammar error by a longtime friend who hosts a show on Public Broadcasting:


"A prominent PBS radio host recently said, "You know, the eel is not the most appealing fish, especially for "we" Americans. OMG…bad grammar on public broadcasting!"


She should have said "us" Americans. The word "we" is a subject word (like he, she, they, or I) that starts a sentence. The word "us" is an object word (like him, her, me, or them) that completes a sentence to finish a thought or statement.


Two days ago I sent her a personal email calling attention to the grammar glitch, which I heard on a repeat of the earlier program; and I received this gracious reply this morning:


"Remember that old saying, 'Thanks, I needed that?' Well, it applies here. This drives me nuts when I hear others doing it. Oiy!  And on public radio no less.   


"Best regards!"

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Major foolishness!


Speaking with a mouth full of redundant expressions is ridiculous.


fall down — fall up?

drop down — drop up?

lift up — lift down?

rise up — rise down?

raise up — raise down?

that there — that here?

this here — this there?

merge together — merge apart?

split apart — split together?

reduce down — reduce up?

bind together — bind apart?

combine together — combine apart?

separate apart — separate together?

gather together — gather apart?

connect together — connect apart?

the reason is because — the reason is the reason is?

5:00 a.m. in the morning — 5:00 a.m. is always in the morning; a.m. is morning


The individual words work well on their own…fall, drop, rise, this, that, merge, split, reduce, bind, combine, separate, gather, connect, because, morning. Furthermore, "because" MEANS the same as "the reason is".


But, OMG, they are so ridiculous in combination.


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