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Another note to John McEnroe


Verbs and modifiers…


I always enjoy your insightful and humorous commentary at all major tennis events. But I can't resist taking issue with some of your grammar:


When you say "These are the type of shots…" you should be saying "These are the types…" or "This is the type…."  Get your verbs and modifiers in alignment. The issue is one of singular vs. plural.

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Rampant Cliches


Why do highly paid sports commentators talk like this?


"making a statement"

"sending a message"


It's the weekend again, prime time for sports cliches with the NFL going into ubiquitous action.


This warp-speak has become systemic, not just in the sports world. Nobody is consciously or deliberately  "sending a message" or "making a statement". They're just doing what they're doing. They're simply playing the game. But the commentators can't leave well enough alone; they fantasize and try so hard to sound smart, grasping at straws, describing something out of nothing, sitting stiffly in their expensive, sometimes slick-looking, suits.




   a phrase or opinion that is overused and betrays a lack of original thought 

a very predictable or unoriginal thing or person

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