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Out of the Box


My best friend from high school just discovered this blog; and here is his delightful, out-of-the-box response, completely in character with his goofy-at-times personality. I hope that you, too, will be able to smile:


OK-youse fergot ta rite yer modifyer fer da werd "SO" inyer last paragraphical descripture.  Everbudy noes dat "SO" hasta hava modifyer udderwise ya caint endup wid a sintince youse cin reed. Ialso tink everbudy gots ta larn dere spelin so youse cin allus reed gud.


Seriously,  I do think the word "so" needs a modifier.  A sentence like, "I love my wife so much." Is meaningless.  "So" needs a modifier-something like, "I love my wife so much that it would be difficult to live without her." That's one of my little "hang-ups".


I think your examples are good, but there are a great many more.  Staying away from the more important word misuse, we can talk of the punctuation.


Bear in mind that I am an "uneducated engineer" and FAR out of my field, as opposed to someone like yourself who is a journalist.  But I have noted that text-messaging seems to be hard on both punctuation and spelling.  Indeed, the use of computers seems to be detrimental to spacing between words, and misspelling too.  People will use the spell checker instead of proof reading their messages, and sometimes they come out rather funny.  I'm sure you have seen that.


That's it for now-gotta get goin' !!!!!



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Mashed Potatoes & Gravy


Classic comfort food.


This is one of America's favorite dishes; but are they separate (two things), or are they a single thing…one dish?


So…should you say, "Mashed potatoes and gravy ARE my favorite," or "Mashed potatoes and gravy IS my favorite."?


If you consider that mashed potatoes & gravy is a single dish — not two separate, distinct items — you must vote for "is".


And you would be right!  "Ham & eggs"…another matter for another day.

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