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The “g” Factor


Why is it that so many males — especially sports commentators — insist on pronouncing their verbs without sounding the letter "g"?  Some women have even taken up the "music".


Examples: runnin', throwin', doin', catchin', talkin', thinkin', somethin', etc.


We have also seen it on promotional signage for the 2011 New York Mets baseball team:  "This year, we're goin' for broke!"


It's also common among golf commentators with their effete attitudes.


Is it because they're still trying to overcome some ridiculous 7th-grade adolescent shame about sounding articulate and smart…a reflection on their imagined manhood? If so, why have so many women jumped onto the bandwagon?


Get over it. If you have ever been fortunate enough to have a good education, start speaking and pronouncing your words like you didn't fail basic English class. Start talking like you have grown up and belong to the human race. Start sounding smart when you open your mouth. Articulate!


Real men, smart men — and women — are comfortable in their skins, and proud of their ability to speak properly. Let's find and use the "g" again!


Fact is, there's a large company that's proud to show its "ing".  Maybe that's a good start.


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