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The Power of Language


Since I'm a big believer in the importance — and power — of language, I want to share this link with you. It features evolutionary biologist Mark Pagel speaking at the TED Global conference in Scotland last month (July 2011). 


The name TED is a moniker for Technology, Entertainment, Design. Personal attendance at any TED conference around the world is very expensive; so we're fortunate to have access to so many smart ideas for free.


This talk is only 20 minutes long…"How language transformed humanity." Pagel not only gives us excellent information; but he speaks so well, without the classic cliches and verbal "punctuation" that have become insidious in this country. More than 82,000 (at the moment this is posted) people have already watched his presentation.


Enjoy. And those of you who cherish our language as I do can revel in the fact that we have a backer — an explanator — in high places!


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