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Standard Sports Interview


First question: "Tell me what this means to you and how you feel right now?"


Answer:  "I mean…" — (the first words before anything is often asked or answered) OR

"y'know I mean…"


"…just one game at a time"


"I'm really excited."


"I'm ready to go."


"y'know…you know…"YOU know…"


"I'm just trying to stay focused."


"It was a team effort."


BRILLIANT and CAPTIVATING!  These performers are paid multi-millions, yet they sound like they couldn't get a job shoveling snow. And their comments are playing over and over and over on network and cable TV.


Tennis great Boris Becker is the only sports figure I can think of who had smart, thoughtful, sincere comments whenever he was interviewed. He never sounded like a programmed dummy.


What's wrong with this picture?



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