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Blog Reactions

One of my two German friends responded by sending me this link for a hilarious video about Grammar Nazis:


Just beware the dangling participle!  smiley


Other more serious, encouraging responses came from four divergent friends:


From Didi in Brazil:

Looks great, Denny! I love the logo font, and the theme is definitely relevant to discuss. I wish I could find and send you an article I read just a couple days ago about how the oversimplification of vocabulary is reducing our ability to understand small but important nuances in our society (e.g., the difference between "murder" and "homicide").


From Domi in Germany:

I love the idea. 


Wasn´t it Petrus Stuyvesand, the first mayor of New York who voted for English as the future language for the New country called America?


If he made his cross on the other option, we both would speak German today 😉


Take Care



From Laura at the UofM:

I love the idea! I think there are a lot of people that share your concerns about the state of language usage. To some degree, yes, language must be a living, changing organism—but we still need to communicate accurately!


I forwarded the video to the kid. Once you've got your blog up and running, I'll have to have her let her English major best friend (now in grad school) know about it.




From Sergey in Russia:

Great run and perfect idea! Here in Russia we also have problems with our language – some words was forgotten and there are a lot of mistakes… Will read your blog with pleasure!


Thanks for right work!




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